University College London
MSc in Pain Management
(September 2017 intake onwards).

Blended (online & face-to-face), flexible programme delivered in 8 compulsory modules over 2 to 5 years. Each module is worth 15 credits and modules should be taken in sequence. Candidates begin on the certificate programme and progress to diploma and MSc as they are able.

Core (certificate)
· Introduction to Pain: Economics, Evidence & Delivery
· Acute Pain
· Chronic Pain
· Pain in Cancer Patients
Specialist (diploma)
· Headache, Paediatric & Abdominopelvic Pain
· Strategies for the Self-Management of Pain
· Neuromodulation
· Pain in the Community

Online learning content presents the fundamental topics relevant to the subject and guides self-directed learning in the form of case studies, review and critical appraisal of research papers, and small management and clinical governance projects. Opportunities are provided for advanced reading and deeper research to allow students to pursue subject matter of particular interest and clinical relevance to them.

The face-to-face contact aims to provide mentorship and develop the attitudes required for an effective pain clinician. Market research demonstrated this to be very important to prospective students. Workshops offering mentorship, group reflective practice, and peer support will run for 1.5 days each term. For non-resident students this can be provided by online AV link (e.g. Skype) and/or via Blackboard. Pain management presents many emotive and experiential challenges for the practitioner and support during the education stage is essential. This will be provided in part by the workshops but also by peer forums, small video conferencing groups, and the requirement for reflective practice.

Following discussion with the UCL Digital Education department a clear structure has been developed to maximise the blended approach. The workshops will be recorded and available online for students to review. Video conferencing also allows students to participate in the workshops live and remotely; this gives further appeal to the international market. There will be weekly online Q&A sessions with course organisers and, when appropriate, module leads to support students with queries and concerns they have. An online forum will be used for peer support but also to develop group discussion on current topics in the field that can be assessed. Reflective practice will take the form of an online blog that candidates are required to publish. Candidates will be required to comment on each other’s reflections to demonstrate peer support and reflection.

A dissertation is required for the award of MSc. The dissertation should be an extension of one (or more) modules taught on the programme and relevant to the candidate’s professional practice.

Assessment will comprise:
· Ensuring online learning content is accessed.
· Course work including literature reviews, case-based discussions, critical appraisal of research, and short management projects.
· Reflective practice as described above.
· Participation in structured forum discussions.

As this is a predominantly online programme delivered internationally, an unseen exam is impracticable. However, MCQ/SBA/EMQ questions will be used to allow students to assess their own progress and identify their own learning needs.

Queries – please contact uclpainmsc@drcregg.info

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