Research Fellowship opportunities

HCA Pain Research Fellowship – to provide up to 10 Fellows in period of 5 years. Cumulative fund allocated – £650.000 ($967.000) plus 10- 15% consumable budget in addition.

Analgene (r) and Personalised Medicine
Transdermal drug delivery devices
Onabotulinum toxin A in chronic pain
Rare genetic pain disorders
Sodium channel blockers in pain medicine
Interventional pain medicine
Ganglion impar block in treatment of pelvic pain
Pudendal nerve blocks – do steroids make difference
Geniculate nerve blocks in treatment of knee pain
X-sim project

If interested – Please upload your CV and a covering letter to Dr( a t )


Pre-interview questionnaires and tests are used where appropriate.

Medical negligence

Personal Injury
Accidents at work
Road Traffic accidents (train, car, bike, taxi, pedestrian)
Travel-related injuries (flying, sailing,
Sports injuries (training, exercising, extreme sports activities ( skiing, hiking, rock-climbing)
Long-term opioid intake related comorbidities and side-effects including addiction assessment and evidence-based opioid reduction advice
Medical Accidents

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Waiting time Duration
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